Frequently Asked Questions


The most common series of questions we receive pertaining to Auto loans. 

Is 1st Canadian Auto a direct lender?

Yes, we offer our very own In-House Financing for people that are unable to qualify for direct loans through traditional lending avenues.

  • Finance Motorcycles,ATV, RV, Motor Homes, Boats
  • Commercial Leases for anything from a Cube Van to a Semi Truck
  • Finance private purchases
  • Refinance current loans                                             

I've tried other local auto dealers. How Can 1st Canadian Auto Help When Others Can't?

It starts with our credit application. Many other dealers collect only enough information to obtain your credit report. Our application is the most comprehensive in the industry. It was designed by our Finance Managers that have successfully secured a large amount of loans for people with special needs. Our application takes into account variations among numerous lender score cards allowing our finance managers to evaluate your credit profile quickly and accurately.

1st Canadian Auto partners with the proper lending resources, expertise, and inventory available to place special finance loans.

What Are the Basic Financial Requirements I Need to Meet?

While we guarantee that every case will be approved, we do recommend meeting as many of the following requirements to insure the best possible opportunity for becoming successfully financed.

  • At least $1,400 gross monthly income required for credit scores less than 505.
  • All Bankruptcies must be Paid in a timely fashion or discharged.
  • No repossessions in the last year unless included in a bankruptcy.
  • Loans are for automobile purchases from our Stores.
  • Work Permit, Visa or Permanent Residents at least eighteen years of age.

Any Other Questions?

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